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亚搏下载链接-富力董事长:为保级我们已拼尽所有 足协杯力争夺冠

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  New Express News Reporter Wang Di Dalian reports Yesterday afternoon, the second stage of the Super League ended all the second round of the relegation group competition. In the last match of the second round, Guangzhou R&F beat Qingdao Huanghai 2:1. The two rounds were tied and won, R&F defeated Qingdao Huanghai to complete the task of relegation. After the game, Huang Shenghua, chairman of R&F Club, thanked everyone. He said: "In order to relegation, we have tried everything.




   Compared with relegation teams such as Tianjin TEDA and Wuhan Zall, the overall strength of Qingdao Huanghai is indeed limited. Therefore, from the perspective of the matchup situation, R&F ranked sixth in Group A in the first stage is more optimistic. However, with the two main players of Zahavi and Saba leaving the team one after another, the strength of the R&F team has also degraded a lot, especially on the offensive end.


   In order to fill the gap left by the "Israeli Double Guns", R&F launched the foreign aid replacement plan in the final stage of the first half. First, the Dutch striker Zivkovic was loaned from Changchun Yatai, and then the Polish striker Adrian was loaned from the Chongqing contemporary team, which was successfully relegated in advance. Although there have been twists and turns of Yatai's "repentance" during this period, R&F has initiated the plan at the same time-transferred Li An Gao from Hong Kong over the levy, and actively mediated with Yatai, and finally left Zivkovy odd.


   For R&F, the arrival of Zivkovic and Adrian greatly eased the problem of the team's insufficient offensive power. Even in the first round with Huang Hai, R & F did not score a goal, but it can be seen that the two new aids on loan are working hard to integrate into the team. In the second round yesterday, Adrian finally showed his outstanding foot skills and passing vision. He not only received the pass and scored the header, but also assisted Zhivkovic in the counterattack. Adrian not only fully revitalized R&F's midfielder, but also brought a rare creativity to the R&F team before.

对于富力而言,齐夫科维奇和阿德里安的到来极大地缓解了球队进攻能力不足的问题。即使在与黄海的第一轮比赛中,富力也没有进球,但是可以看出,这两个新借来的助攻正在努力融入球队。在昨天的第二轮比赛中,阿德里安(Adrian)终于展示了他出色的脚术和超凡的视野。他不仅获得传球并获得了头球,还协助了日夫科维奇进行了反击。 Adrian不仅使R&F的中场球员焕然一新,而且还为R&F团队带来了罕见的创造力。

   Because there is only a three-month short contract, Adrian is destined to be a passer-by in the history of the R&F team. However, even after coming to work part-time, Adrian still conquered the fans in two games. After helping Chongqing relegation in the first stage, Adrian quickly helped R&F relegation in the second stage. This year, Adrian has played 13 times on behalf of the two teams, scoring 7 goals and assisting 6 times in an extremely good state.




   Before the start of the second stage of the event, R&F Club set the basic goal of relegation as soon as possible. Two rounds with one draw and one win, R&F used actual actions to achieve the competition expectations. After the match, R&F captain Tang Miao said that he was really happy to be able to relegation smoothly. "In the first stage, we were very difficult, but none of us gave up, so we have to thank everyone." Tang Miao said.

在赛事第二阶段开始之前,富力俱乐部确定了降级的基本目标。富力通过两轮一平一赢的比赛,通过实际行动达到了比赛的期望。比赛结束后,富力队长唐M表示,他很高兴能够顺利降级。 “在第一阶段,我们非常困难,但是我们都没有放弃,所以我们必须感谢所有人。”唐M说。

   In line with Tang Miao's statement, the club chairman Huang Shenghua also thanked everyone in the locker room after the game. "This year is a very difficult year for us, but in such a difficult situation, no one cares about anything with me," Huang Shenghua said, "I don't have any resources at hand, and I rely on many things." I am very grateful to everyone for everything they have done in these 17 games. In order to stay in the league, we have tried everything."


   At the press conference after the game, R&F coach Van Bronckhorst also praised the team's performance. Van Bronckhorst said: "The team has made a lot of efforts to relegation. As the coach I am very proud of the team's performance. We should enjoy the joy of relegation. I allow the players to have a drink for this."

在赛后的新闻发布会上亚搏彩票app竞彩,富力教练范布朗克霍斯特(Van Bronckhorst)也赞扬了车队的表现。范布朗克斯特说:“球队为降级付出了很多努力。作为教练,我为球队的表现感到骄傲。我们应该享受降级的乐趣。为此,我允许球员们喝一杯。”

Without the pressure of relegation, R&F can play relatively easily in the next four games. Some substitute players who did not participate frequently before will definitely get the opportunity to play. The two new aids, Adrian and Zivkovic, can also play with Team break-in. Van Bronckhorst said that the team will not give up qualifying for the next 9-12, and will strive for a better league ranking. Van Bronckhorst admitted that the team will gradually adjust its strategic focus to the FA Cup front. "After the league is over, we will return to Guangzhou, then we will fully focus on the FA Cup, hoping that the team can maintain an upward momentum." Van Bronckhorst said.

在没有降级压力的情况下,R&F在接下来的四场比赛亚搏彩票app竞彩中可以相对轻松地比赛。某些以前不经常参加的替补球员肯定会获得参加比赛的机会。这两个新辅助工具,Adrian和Zivkovic,也可以在亚搏下载链接团队闯入中发挥作用。范布朗克斯特(Van Bronckhorst)表示,球队不会放弃接下来的9-12排位赛,并将努力提高联赛排名。范布朗克斯特(Van Bronckhorst)承认,球队将逐步将战亚搏彩票app竞彩略重点调整到足总杯战线。 “联赛结束后,我们将返回广州,然后我们将全神贯注于足总杯,希望球队能够保持上升势头。”范布朗克斯特说。

  According to the rules, the opponents in the second round of the R&F FA Cup will be the Chinese A team, and R&F has the opportunity to go further in the FA Cup.


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