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Beijing time tonight and tomorrow morning, the five major European leagues have launched multiple contests. Manchester United will face Brighton in prime time, after which Dortmund, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid have played in succession.


Manchester United lost 1-3 to Crystal Palace in the first game of the new season. Fortunately, they found their form in the League Cup and advanced to the next round. Of course, the Red Devils need to find a way to win in the Premier League. After all, Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal and other teams are waiting for them in the next few rounds.


Van der Beek scored in his Premier League debut, this game is expected to usher in his first league start. Greenwood also scored the first goal of the new s亚搏下载链接eason in the League Cup, and this game may also appear first.

范德·贝克(Van der Beek)在英超联赛首场比赛中就进球了,这场比赛有望迎来他的第一个联赛开始。格林伍德还在联赛杯中攻入了新赛季的第一个进球,而这场比赛也可能首先出现。

Goalkeeper: de GEA


Defenders: Wan Bissaka, Lindelof, Mag亚搏下载链接uire, Luke Shaw

捍卫者:万比萨卡(Wan Bissaka),林德洛夫(Lindelof),马奎尔(Maguire),卢克·肖

Midfield: bogba, van der Beck, Rafael B


Forwards: Greenwood, Rashford, Martial


New aid Bellingham sent an assist, teenager Reina scored, and Harland scored twice to seal the victory. This is the youth storm that the Hornet blew in the first round. In 2020, Haaland has scored 15 Bundesliga goals, and only Lewandg (16) has done better than him.

新援贝灵汉(Bellingham)送出助攻,少年雷纳(Reina)得分,哈兰德(Harland)得分两次以锁定胜利。这是大黄蜂在第一轮爆发的青年风暴。 2020年,哈兰德取得了15个德甲进球,只有莱万(16)的表现比他更好。

Both teams made a good start, but in the past 10 times against Dortmund, Augsburg has only won one victory.


Goalkeeper: Burki


Defenders: EmrE Jan, jummers, akangi

辩护者:EmrE Jan,Jummers,akangi

Midfielder: Menier, Witsel, Bellingham, Guerrero


Forwards: Sancho, Reina, Harland


Chelsea lost 0-2 to Liverpool in the last league game. Goalkeeper Kepa made another low-level error and Jorginho also missed a penalty kick. For the new Blues, their journey for the new season has just started, and the lineup needs further polishing. In the subsequent League Cup, they beat Barnsley 6-0 cleanly, Haverts staged a hat-trick, Abraham scored a goal and had two assists.


The good news is that Chelsea has ushered in the new goalkeeper Edward Mendy. He will compete with Kepa for a starting position. The former needs to pass the new crown virus test first. Chilwell and Thiago Silva also made their debut in the League Cup, and Chelsea is one step closer to the strongest lineup. The appearances of Ziyekh and Pulisic may require fans to wait a little longer.

好消息是切尔西迎来了新的门将爱德华·门迪。他将与Kepa竞争一个初始位置。前者需要首先通过新的冠状病毒测试。切尔韦尔(Chilwell)和蒂亚戈·席尔瓦(Thiago Silva)也在联赛杯中首次亮相,而切尔西距离最强阵容还有一步之遥。 Ziyekh和Pulisic的出现可能会要求粉丝们稍等一会。

Goalkeeper: Caballero


Defenders: Reese James, Zuma, Thiago Silva, Chilwell



Midfielder: Kanter, Kovacic, Mount


Forwards: Haverts, Werner, Abraham


After leaving Sanchez and introducing Ashraf, Kolarov, Vidal and others, the enhanced Inter Milan will make a new appearance and usher in the first game of the new season. Inter Milan were close to the championship last season, but they failed to have the last laugh in the League, Italian Cup and Europa League. Their goal this season is to break the nightmare of nine years without a championship.


The two teams competed in the past six games, Inter Milan remained undefeated, but the mutual record of 2 wins and 4 draws did not have a big advantage. They only won one goal in the two victories.


De Vrij was suspended in the first round, Kolarov is expected to replace him in the start, Perisic returned from Bayern, his appearance may be before Sanchez.

De Vrij在第一轮被禁赛,科拉罗夫有望在一开始就取代他,佩里西奇从拜仁回来,他的出现可能在桑切斯之前。

Goalkeeper: Handanovic


Defenders: danbrosio, Bastoni, Kolarov


Midfielder: Ashraf, Barrera, Gallardini, Perisic, Eriksson


Forwards: Lukaku, lautaro


Real Madrid's first match with Real Sociedad was a goalless draw, and Real Betis also drew with Valladolid.


In this campaign, Pellegrini and Zidane are about to start a direct dialogue. Pei Gong has faced Real Madrid 19 times in his coaching career and only won 3 games. However, in the Copa del Rey last season, Real Sociedad eliminated Real Madrid 4-3.


Hazard and Asensio have recovered well from injuries, but are unlikely to enter the starting list of this game. Benzema wasted an opportunity in the last game and desperately needed to find his shooting boots.


Goalkeeper: Courtois


Defenders: kawahar, varane, Ramos, Mendi


Midfielder: Kroos, Casemiro, Modric


Strikers: Rodrigo, Benzema, venezius


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