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亚搏下载链接-广州TTG主场启用拿下开门红 KPL正式迎来四城时代

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Original title: Guangzhou TTG opened at home and scored a good start KPL officially ushered in the era of four cities


On October 10th, Beijing time, with the official opening of the home stadium of the KPL team Guangzhou TTG in the Cultural and Art Center of Tianhe District, Guangzhou, KPL fully opened the home stadium era. With the successive landings of Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, and Guangzhou, the KPL four-city era has truly come, and Guangzhou has officially become KPL's fourth home city for e-sports.


Home opener has a good start, Guangzhou TTG status picks up


In this game, Guangzhou TTG challenged Foshan GK at home. Although there was a slight disturbance in the process, Guangzhou TTG still won a 3-2 win at home. Guangzhou TTG is also the first team to win the home opener this season. .

在这场比赛中,广州TTG主场挑战佛山GK。尽管在此过程中出现了些许干扰,但广州TTG仍在主场以3-2获胜。广州TTG也是本赛季首个夺冠的球队。 。

Since Yitong joined, the strength of Guangzhou TTG has improved significantly as normal, but they encountered a painful period of line-up running in at the beginning of the season and their performance did not meet everyone's expectations. In the first five games, Guangzhou TTG achieved 3 wins and 2 losses and temporarily ranked in the middle of the league, but apparently the hard power of Guangzhou TTG is much more than that.


In the opening match of the home court, Guangzhou TTG won not easily. Foshan GK dragged the game into a decisive round tenaciously after falling behind 1-2. In the deciding game, Kiuwei Shangguan Wan'er and Yitong's Luna stood up and took over the game. Although it will take time for the season to run in, the future performance of Guangzhou TTG is worth looking forward to. Their ability to adjust to the best state cannot be underestimated. After the game, Guangzhou TTG head coach Lovecd said when talking about the home opener that he wanted to become a super strong team to promote the strength of Guangzhou.


Open the home of e-sports and create an IP event in Guangzhou


Guangzhou TTG, as the only team in Guangzhou with a seat in the King of Glory Professional League (hereinafter referred to as KPL), has always been a strong team in KPL. In the 2020 KPL Spring Tournament and the World Champions Cup, Guangzhou TTG team won the top four in the country and the top eight in the world.

广州TTG作为广州唯一拥有荣耀之王职业联赛(以下简称“ KPL”)席位的球队,一直是KPL的强队。在2020年KPL春季锦标赛和世界冠军杯中,广州TTG队获得了全国前四名和世界前八名。

At the home kick-off ceremony, the Guangzhou Municipal Government Information Office announced that it officially awarded the Guangzhou TTG Kings of Glory Team (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou TTG) the title of "Guangzhou City Image Communication Messenger" to encourage them to use their positive image to pass on to the younger generation. Guangzhou city culture.


In fact, after e-sports is included in sports, the spirit of e-sports is also equivalent to the spirit of sports to a certain extent. I believe that in the future, the Guangzhou TTG team will continue to make progress and never give up while inheriting the urban culture. The spirit of competition inspires young e-sports enthusiasts to surpass themselves and move forward.


This time, the launch of the Guangzhou TTG home stadium will undoubtedly attract more local e-sports users and even spectators from all over the country to quickly gather in Guangzhou, Guangdong, activate the local e-sports + industry new consumption growth point, and drive the economic income of cultural tourism around the home stadium. E-sports enthusiasts in surrounding cities can watch top domestic e-sports events at close range.


Do a good job of regionalization Guangzhou TTG faces new issues


With the launch of the Guangzhou TTG home stadium, it not only marks the first time that Guangzhou will host an event as the home city of urban e-sports, but also makes Guangzhou officially the fourth home city of KPL. For TT e-sports (the main body of the Guangzhou TTG team), the launch of the city home are bound to bring about new changes, and it also means adding new responsibilities: how to do a good job of regionalization, how to combine the characteristics of the city with the home, and Become a new topic for the future development of Guangzhou e-sports.


In this regard, Liu Yifei, the head of TT e-sports, released a new e-sports home game plan at the press conference, announcing the official launch of a new model of "Guangdong" power "T+1" brand cooperation,亚搏下载链接 and joint local sports, tourism, culture and other enterprises to explore Guangzhou Brand-new e-sports + the entire industry chain, TT e-sports signed a cooperation framework agreement with Guangzhou local enterprises Kugou Group and R&F Football Club. All parties will integrate their respective advantageous resources for cooperation, including but not limited to youth training exchanges and university promotion And joint business activities.

对此,TT电子竞技负责人刘益飞在新闻发布会上发布亚搏彩票app竞彩了新的电子竞技主场比赛计划,宣布“广东”动力“ T + 1”品牌合作的新模式正式启动, TT电子竞技与当地体育,旅游,文化等企业联合探索广州全新的电子竞技+整个产业链,与广州本土企业酷狗集团和富力足球俱乐部签署了合作框架协议。各方将整合各自有利的合作资源,包括但不限于青年培训交流和大学晋升以及联合业务活动。

In addition, in order to better integrate "Guangfu culture" into the home stadium, create a unique "regional" e-sports club, promote the integration of e-sports and traditional culture, and spread local culture, TT e-sports and Tianhe District's cultural and creative industries The Association and the Tianhe District Folk Artists Association respectively signed a cooperation framework agreement. In the future, the two parties will carry out innovative cooperation around the traditional culture of Guangzhou and jointly hold local events in Guangzhou with cultural innovation and influence.




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