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Speaking of the most lively event in this October, there is nothing more than the "love exposure" incident of a male group in the entertainment industry.


First, I was photographed traveling with a girl in the secret room, and then it was discovered that more than one girl was involved. In the classic "split" story, the only thing that was treated exclusively was the secret room.


Even after the matter could not be covered up, the parties were very frank and warmly invited everyone to "have a chance to go to the secret room together."


This has successfully diverted the attention of the people who eat melons, and made everyone question their souls:


In the corridor where I could not see my fingers, there was a strange laughter suddenly;


At the corner of the stairs, a girl in white with disheveled hair suddenly appeared in front of him;


Under the bewildering light, the hands that stick out seem to be stained with blood...


This is not a shot in a horror movie, but a classic setting of the hottest horror-themed secret room.


Friends who have never been to the secret room may not understand the thrills here.


But in the two-year-old variety show "Escape the Room", the guests' true reactions can make everyone feel the panic.


The secret room theme variety show has exploded on the Internet with its truthfulness and funny, and offline escape rooms have also become a leisure resort for young people.


Searching for escape room related content on the Internet, you can see that countless people are immersed in this activity and cannot help themselves.


Everyone gradually found another life in the secret room. The happiest moment was the thrilling experience in the process of solving puzzles.


Different styles of secret room themes bring different feelings to people.


Someone was forced to experience the panic of desperadoes in the process of exploring the boundary of the secret room.


When someone was panicking, they were helped by Mr. Ghost, an enthusiastic citizen.


There are also people who are the nemesis of the horrible atmosphere, walking out of the secret room that the six relatives do not recognize.


What's more, forget that you are in a secret room, indulge in stepping on the generator car to exercise, and step on the horror props.


The people in the secret room showed their magical powers, and found clues to escape according to the plot setting and the placement of props.


It's simple to say, but in fact it requires extremely high intelligence and psychological endurance. Even with a good enough brain, in the face of shocks that appear at any time, it may be down.


So the real reaction of most people inside is still this:




It stands to reason that everyone will have a psychological shadow on similar secret rooms after experiencing such a terrifying environment.


The reality is that people are afraid that after barking,


This is so puzzling, is it possible that you have spent so much effort, really just want to make yourself useless?


Anything attracts people for its reasons. As for the escape from the room, it can make people want to be like playing online games, more or less because it is a computer game.


In 2004, the "Crimson Room" produced by Japanese author Takagi Toshimitsu came out, bringing the concept of escape room games to people.


In that era when the Internet was not popular, in just two years, this game has been played more than 800 million times worldwide.


Friends who have played it will definitely not forget the fear of being in a simple and monotonous room, trying to click the mouse but can't find anything, and being dominated by the recurring dark BGM.


It was also inspired by this game. Two years later, a group of online game designers in Silicon Valley in the United States built a real scene based on the novel by "Queen of Reasoning" Agatha Christie, the world’s first real-life escape room. Born.

它也受到这场游戏的启发。两年后,一群美国在线游戏设计师在美国硅谷根据世界上第一个现实逃生室“推理女王”阿加莎·克里斯蒂(Agatha Christie)的小说制作了一个真实场景。天生

Nowadays, there are more and more themes and venues for escape rooms. According to Meituan platform data, as of 2018, the total number of secret rooms in Beijing and Shanghai has exceeded 1,000, and the total consumption of secret rooms is expected to exceed 10 billion.


People are trapped in carefully constructed secret rooms, from barbecue shops to abandoned schools, abandoned hospitals, mysterious caves, horror villas, virus houses...


It can be said that everything can be turned into a secret room, only unexpected, not impossible.


Each setting has its own story, and the props in the room have also been carefully designed, with a strong sense of substitution, to make players believe that they are really a member of the story.


At the same time, the NPC (Non-PIayer character, non-game player) character added in the escape room game also uses the identity of the “player in the game” to take the player into a deeper situation and experience the thrills with the help of actions and dialogues. An immersive experience.


Since the characters must be real enough, NPCs often experience betrayal, injury, and even torture in the secret room. Although they will not be really injured, it is also very challenging to present the story in front of the player.


With sufficiently rigorous scenes and character arrangements, players in the secret room setting will gradually forget their original identity, immersed in puzzles, and try their best to find a way to escape.


Difficulty is really hard, and enjoyment is also really enjoyable.


The extraordinary thrilling experience makes the escape room become a "net celebrity",


The "White Paper on Singles Post-95" shows that the secret room has been among the top four favorite emerging entertainment methods of post-95 generation, with a year-on-year increase of 98.1% in orders.

《 95后单打白皮书亚搏彩票app竞彩》显示,秘密室已成为95后一代最喜欢的四种新兴娱乐方式之一,订单量同比增长98.1%。

It can also be seen in the "2019 Global Room Escape Fans Survey (China) Report",

也可以在“ 2019年全球房间逃生粉丝调查(中国)报告”中看到,

It seems that escape room has been labeled as "younger", "brain burnt", "high IQ" and other labels, which may not be "groundless".


Fans participating in the survey are mainly concentrated in the 16 to 30 years old, among which the 21 to 25 year olds are the most popular. The "post-00s" and "post-90s" are in full swing and can be described as the "absolute main force" in the emerging entertainment market.

参与调查的粉丝主要集中在16至30岁的人群中,其中21至25岁的人群最受欢迎。 亚搏下载链接“ 00后”和“ 90后”如火如荼,可以说是新兴娱乐市场中的“绝对主力军”。

It is conceivable that people in this age group are either near graduation from university, or even graduate studies, or they have just entered social work.


They are in the "novice period" of entering the society, they will bring certain problems to themselves due to the unsuitability of entering the workplace, the "part-time study" status of graduate students, and the "transition period" of social life and campus life. Psychological pressure.


At this time,


In a secret room full of unknowns, everyone can abandon all thinking about life, devote all their energy to the worldview setting of the secret room, and use another identity to solve complex puzzles and become their own heroes.


The closed room and the limited time all urge everyone to think quickly, and this tension will continue until the end of the exploration of the secret room.


The moment I walked out of the door, the joy brought by the great sense of accomplishment was unmatched by any entertainment.


For young people who are under pressure in life, to play a thrilling, mentally challenging escape room game, and to spend a few hours wholeheartedly experiencing another kind of life in role-playing is a brief escape from reality, but also After breathing, I picked up the courage to face the opportunity of life again.


But in the process of deep experience of the secret room, we still need to pay attention to our own safety.


First understand the degree of horror of the secret room, the specific number of rooms involved in the game, the prohibited range of NPC actors, etc., and choose the most suitable place to experience.


The most important thing is not to consider "face" during the game. If you feel physically and mentally unwell, call for help in time.


May your life be full of light and hope as the moment the door to the secret room opens.


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