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Hupu, October 16th. At the age of 30, Shao Ting made an important decision: to leave the Beijing team that had carried her seven years of professional career and come to Sichuan, a place that played an important role in her advancement to basketball. .

湖浦,10月16日。邵婷30岁那年做出了一个重要决定:离开拥有她七年职业生涯的北京代表队,前往四川,这是她晋升篮球的重要角色。 。

"This is more of a challenge, and I am honored and very happy to accept such a challenge." The Chinese women's basketball team captain said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from Xinhua News Agency.


Shao Ting is an athlete trained by the Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau and the School of Physical Education and Sports of Beijing Normal University through the integration of sports and education. "Don't forget your original intention and learn to be grateful." After joining the Sichuan team during the offseason, Shao Ting wrote such a sentence on social media.

邵婷是四川省体育局和北京师范大学体育与体育学院通过体育与教育相结合的方式训练的运动员。 “不要忘记你的初衷,要学会感恩。”在休赛期加入四川队后,邵婷在社交媒体上写下了这样的句子。

"The Sichuan Women's Basketball team is particularly energetic. To join the Sichuan Women's Basketball Team, develop together with them, and lead them to improve themselves. This is also a process of improvement for me. I am honored and very happy to accept this. Challenge." Shao Ting said.


The Sichuan team, which had a very young lineup last season, kept signing up during the offseason. The team was led by the former Guangdong Women’s Basketball coach Pan Wei. Another national player Gao Song also came from the Beijing team. They also added Zhang Wanglai, Huang Pinzhen and other players have greatly improved their strength. After the first five rounds of the new season, the Sichuan team has a record of 4 wins and 1 loss and is still pulling down the traditional strong Xinjiang team in the opening game.


"This is a good start." Shao Ting said that the Sichuan team is a brand new team, and the run-in time is only one month in September. There are still many problems in the process. Although I won the game, I found that there are still many shortcomings.


Shao Ting said that the atmosphere in the team is very good. Everyone is positive and wants to achieve better results for the team. "We also communicate a lot in the usual training process, understand some of the advantages of our partners, complement each other and make progress together."

邵婷说,团队气氛很好。每个人都是积极的,并希望为团队取得更好的结果。 “我们在通常的培训过程中也进行了很多交流,了解我们合作伙伴的一些优势,相辅相成,共同进步。”

Speaking of head coach Pan Wei, Shao Ting said: "Director Pan is actually my predecessor. She is an old women’s basketball team. She embodies the spirit of the old women’s basketball team. She will teach us what they have at the time. Spirit or skills and tactics, keep telling us how to do it."


Shao Ting said that for her joining the Sichuan team, the most important thing is to pass on her energy to more people. As for the goal, she didn't think so much. At least she should break through the 12th place last season.


"Because it is a brand new team, we did not set a particularly clear goal, but hope to continue to adapt through the competition to become a more mature team. Through competition to drive training, through training to improve the performance of the game, this continuous cycle, hope to break through The past performance of the Sichuan team."


After nine months to stand in the league again, Shao Ting bluntly said "very excited and excited".


"The league can be played in a rematch. Every female basketball player is very grateful. The hosting and epidemic prevention and control measures for this match have been done very well. It gave us the opportunity to return to the game and everyone cherished it." Shao Ting said, the intensity of the match Higher than before, it shows that everyone has made sufficient preparations for the game and made up for the regret of not completing the league last season. Many young players continue to emerge, which is particularly good for the overall development of the Chinese women's basketball team.

“联赛可以在复赛中进行。每个女篮球运动员都非常感激。这场比赛的举办和防疫措施做得非常好。这给了我们重返比赛的机会,每个人都很珍惜。 ”邵婷说,比赛的强度比以前高,这表明每个人都为比赛做了充分的准备,并弥补了上赛季未能完成联赛的遗憾。许多年轻球员不断涌现,这对于中国女篮的整体发展尤其有利。

"Without foreign aid this year in the league, local players will have more opportunities to train, especially young players. The strength of each team has improved, and the level of competition has become more intense than ever. There is no absolute weak or strong team like before. "Shao Ting said.


Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the league is managed in a closed manner. All sports teams eat and live together. Shao Ting thinks this is a fresh experience. In her opinion, although there will be some dullness as the game progresses, the league organizers and hotels continue to adjust to enrich the entertainment life of athletes and provide good logistical support, allowing athletes to enjoy the game more relaxedly in a closed environment .


Training, watching videos, watching on the sidelines, and treatment, even though there is less travel, the schedule of athletes during the competition period will still be fully arranged. In her spare time, Shao Ting likes to read books. Recently, she has been watching Goffman's "Self Presentation in Daily Life". As a PhD candidate at Beijing Normal University, she currently has two papers to complete. She has to make full use of her free time to read books and find materials.


"Although time is very fragmented, I hope to make full use of this fragmented time to make life more fulfilling." Shao Ting said that the closed life during this period of time is a kind of self-cultivation and can calm down. Coming to participate in the game is also a process of training yourself to calm down.


Shao Ting is also pleased to see more and more college players set foot on the professional arena, "There are many ways to train basketball players. We need to explore a better combination model and introduce more basketball talents. Only by laying a more stable foundation, talents The more, we have a better chance to choose better players."


The Chinese women's basketball team won all three games in the Olympic qualifying game in February and won tickets for the Tokyo Olympics, which boosted the morale of the people across the country in the fight against the epidemic. Eight months later, recalling that special experience, Shao Ting said frankly, "I will never forget it in my life."


"During such a period, our Chinese women's basketball team was able to stand up and defeat their opponents, not only inspiring domestic fans, but also enhancing our confidence in ourselves. It made us realize that our potential is unlimited, as long as we continue to work hard. Experienced In such a big competition, everyone has come here like this. What hurdles are there?"


Shao Ting believes that getting tickets to the Olympics is a great encouragement to every team member, especially young players, and allows them to see the possibility. As long as they train on the ground, they will hope to break through themselves and have the opportunity to enter the Olympic arena. "Only by doing a good job of yourself and doing every day's training in a down-to-earth manner can you have such a process of surpassing or improving yourself.

邵婷认为,获得奥运会门票对每个团队成员,特别是年轻运动员来说,都是极大的鼓励,并让他们看到可能性。只要他们在地面上训练,他们将希望突破自己,并有机会进入奥林匹克舞台。 “只有做好自己的工作,并脚踏实地地进行日常培训,才能有超越或改善自己的过程。

"This year we are in a good state. If we can continue to July, I believe we can have a good performance." Speaking of the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed due to the epidemic, Shao Ting said how to maintain a good competitive state is important to everyone. The team members put forward higher requirements and need to treat their daily life and training more professionally.


"Next year’s Olympics will be even more unknown. Without international competitions, we don’t know about other teams. We can only start with ourselves and solve our own problems. This way, no matter what opponents we encounter in the Olympics, we Can cope well."


Whether in the Beijing team or the national team, Shao Ting has had a lot of cooperation with the current Chinese women's basketball coach Xu Limin. Shao Ting said that Director Xu puts all his attention on basketball. This persistent spirit is worth learning from every basketball player. It has also brought great improvements in team style management and made this team more cohesive.


"He not only wants to lead the Chinese women’s basketball team to achieve better results, but also focuses more on the training of young players. Because playing basketball cannot rely on these few people alone, but requires a process of continuous accumulation and gradual improvement. 'We keep moving forward."

他说:“他不仅要带领中国女篮取得更好的成绩,而且还要把精力更多地放在年轻球员的训练上。因为打篮球不能仅仅依靠这几个人,而是需要不断积累和逐步改善的过程。 “我们继续前进。”

Compared to her debut at the Olympic stage in Rio, Shao Ting said that the biggest change in her four years is her mentality. "I was very excited to participate in the Olympics for the first time. At the moment when I really set foot on the Olympics, I was actually a little nervous. After all, it was the highes亚搏彩票app竞彩t stage in the world. At that time, I was more focused on how to make myself enjoy the process and show my own characteristics. I am a veteran player and a captain. I feel that I have a greater responsibility, not only to play well by myself, but also to lead young players to better adapt to large-scale games like the Olympics."

邵婷说,与她在里亚搏彩票app竞彩约奥运会上首次亮相相比,她四年来最大的改变就是她的心态。 “我很高兴第一次参加奥运会。当我真正踏上奥运会的那一刻,我实际上有点紧张。毕竟,这是世界上最高的阶段。当时,我更专注于如何让自己喜欢这个过程并表现出自己的特色,我是一名资深球员和队长,我觉得我承担着更大的责任,不仅要自己表现出色,而且要领导年轻球员以更好地适应像奥运会这样的大型运动会。”

Shao Ting said that when she was young, she paid more attention to the technical and tactical aspects. As she grows older, she will see a bigger situation. With her leadership on the court, she will also think more about how Chinese basketball should develop in the future.


"I have experienced big and small games, my horizons are getting wider and wider, and I have seen how other countries train basketball players. There are many things we can learn from. I hope I can continue to work in basketball after retiring. I have seen these years Some of the experience or good cases of the country should be implemented in some aspects."


"Only by constantly going abroad and competing with higher-level teams can you accumulate more experience. We should go out and see more, and then develop a basketball system suitable for our own based on our own characteristics, so that our future development will be better. Good." Shao Ting said.


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